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We are committed to
customer satisfaction ...
we guarantee our clients a high standard of professional service!

Why Choose AJ Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services?


AJ Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services is the Standard for Cleaning in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, the one thing that powers our company forward is our commitment to customer satisfaction. 


Rest assured that you will always receive excellent service that is efficient, honest, reliable, courteous, meticulous and affordable.





Pick the days and time that work best for you. Choose from daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or one-time cleaning. We are flexible so you don’t have to be.


Cleaning Products

All cleaning products and equipment are included in the service fee. You will never be charged extra.



Pricing varies according to services requested, size of building and length of time needed to clean and the fee for every service is charged by the hour.


Refer Program

Recommend our services to another business and you’ll both receive a 10% discount on one special occasion cleaning. 




AJ Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services provides


  •  A superior clean through our “Double Check” system to ensure accountability each and every time.

  •  A local operations team on-call 24 hours a day, willing to work at a moment’s notice.

  •  A safe “green” clean with environmentally friendly HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths.




To provide feedback or to read client comments, please click on this link.

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