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From move-in
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we provide detailed cleaning!

Property Management Cleaning Services

Types of Cleaning Conditions for Homes, Duplexes and Apartments



Light/Lighter - Lighter to standard condition cleaning of move-out units. Example: Unit looks overall good, however everything still needs to be wiped down, dusted and sanitized. Spot cleaning of kitchen and bathroom needed. 


Standard - Standard cleaning -or- lighter condition move-out cleaning with pet hair. Example: Everything in the unit needs to be cleaned. Kitchen and bathrooms need full cleaning, but overall cabinets, appliances, bathtubs and floors don't look very dirty and do not have heavy dirt or grease build up.


Heavy - Heavy Condition cleaning of move-out homes without abandoned property. Example: Everything in the house needs a full deep clean - appliances, cabinets, windows, floors, millwork, bathroom, etc. don't look clean.


Very Heavy - Very heavy cleaning of move-out homes, with abandoned property and when everything is left dirty. Some or all appliances, cabinets, bathrooms, floors, windows need a lot of scrubbing and cleaning. Items need to be removed from cabinets and around home prior to cleaning surfaces.


Note: Homes and Duplexes are charged based upon inspection and square footage before quote.

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